Malegra Professional 100mg

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Active Ingredient Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer Sunrise Remedies
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength 100 Mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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ABOUT Malegra Professional 100

The Malegra Professional 100 is among the best ED medicines to promote quality erection in men. It aids sexual abilities in men at the time of having sex.

The drug has many benefits besides that. However, its primary objective remains to eradicate symptoms of complex penile erection issues in men. The medicine is fit for adult men of age, but do get a doctor’s consent first.

BUY Malegra Professional 100

The Buy Malegra Professional 100 is quite popular and is available across different platforms too. This includes offline and online outlets from where you may get access to such medicines. However, if you are looking to buy it from online retailers, do check out the Tabpill website. They offer quality authentic drugs at affordable rates. This is vital if you are looking to treat ED without burning a hole.

Malegra Professional 100 COMPOSITION

The medicine contains Viagra and Sildenafil is its key ingredient to promote blood flow in the penile region. This blood flow is vital to get a long-lasting erection at the time of sexual experiences.

Sildenafil is a type of PDE-5 inhibitor, which enhances the blood vessels reaching your penis. The 100mg variant of the pill contains about 100 mg of generic Viagra.

Malegra Professional 100 COMPANY NAME

Sunrise Remedies is the maker of the pill. The company has expertise in manufacturing generic ED medicines like Malegra Professional 100 mg, offering low-cost ED solutions. The tablet is developed in standardized facilities in India, from where it is packed, branded, and exported across the world.

Malegra Professional 100 USES

The Malegra Professional 100 pills are among the most potent drugs to cater to the erection needs of ED sufferers. The drug is a PDE-5 inhibitor, which helps to deal with male impotency effectively. Though the main use remains ED solving in men, it may address issues like tackling PE as well.

It is also a type of sexual issue in men, which makes them ejaculate before reaching climax. The drug is effective in regulating high Blood Pressure issues in most patients.

WHAT IS Malegra Professional 100 AND HOW TO TAKE

The drug is a potent ED-relieving pill, which offers all-around alleviation from ED-related issues, and other complex forms of sexual health problems in men. Having a pill about 45 minutes before sex can offer effective solutions to the intimate needs of a man. This can help in addressing the coital needs of his partner as well.

One can take it alongside some water, to get effective results out of the pill. Ensure that you do not break the tablet, or grind it before having it. This would help in avoiding reactions, or inefficacy of the drugs. In addition, it is vital to consume this along with some water only, and no other substance (especially alcohol).

Malegra Professional 100 DOSAGE

The Malegra Professional 100 variant of the medicine is of course among the higher doses of the tablets. It can help men deal with the later stages of their ED problems. However, men who have developed erection problems very recently should first consult a doctor.

The dosage of any pill varies from person to person. Hence, it is vital that you first take advice from the doctor regarding the best dose for your body.


Malegra Professional uses Sildenafil Citrate, a key drug used in most ED medicines. The 100 MG variant of this drug is among the strongest ED pills to cater to complex sexual health issues in men. The medicine is effective in catering to the complex sexual needs of a man, which helps him get quality erections.

There are other substitutes of Malegra pills as well which can also help in catering to erection issues. Any potent Sildenafil drug can help in providing an alternative to this pill. Ensure that before looking for substitutes, you first consult with your doctor. This will help you avoid potential side effects or reactions.

Malegra Professional 100 DRUG INTERACTIONS

The drug is usually safe to consume with medicines prescribed to treat other health issues. However, there might be some interactions with medicines, which aid CVD-related conditions. Besides that, Atazanavir, and Boceprevir are also drugs it may interact with.

Malegra Professional 100 SIDE EFFECTS

The side effects of this drug are very minimalistic and very mild. Some patients may encounter issues like nausea, Irritation, headache, and stomach-related issues. Nevertheless, the good thing is the effects are temporary and happen only to a few people.

Malegra Professional 100 WARNING

Before taking this pill, it is vital to know about the different precautions you must take. Especially one must know that the medicine can react with alcohol. Hence avoiding such products is advisable, which may contain it. Besides that, a person already eating high BP-regulating pills should avoid it.

Malegra Professional 100 SAFETY INFORMATION

The drug is safe for most of the patients wanting to treat ED. However, a person undergoing a complex health issue may first need to consult a doctor, especially if a person is facing heart-related issues or high BP-like problems.

In addition, it is vital to prevent any form of overdosing which can lead to negative reactions in the body.

Malegra Professional 100 STORAGE

Storing these drugs to maintain their efficacy is a vital aspect. One must keep it in a cool and dry place with no direct exposure to heat. Also, ensure that humidity levels are low in the place where the drug has been kept.

Frequnetaly Asked Questions Ask New Question
Is it Safe to Use Malegra Professional 100 for elderly men?

The medicine is safe for elderly men in treating their erection problems effectively. Upon approval of the doctor, you can adjust your dosage.

What is the right time to have this medicine?

The Malegra pills take about 30-45 minutes to provide its effects. So having it about such time before having sex can help you get a quality erection.

Do we need other pills to treat ED?

The Malegra Professional 100 drug is potent enough to tackle complex to mild symptoms of ED. You can safely take this medicine and get effective results.

Can men with heart issues take it?

Men dealing with complex heart conditions need to consult their doctor first and know from them if they can take it or not.

Can I take Malegra alongside BP pills?

It is not advised to take Malegra along with BP medicines. The drug itself has properties that reduce high BP. Hence taking both these tablets together can cause extremely low BP levels.