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At Tabpill, we have come up with our privacy policy stating our guidelines and informing you of certain rights that we hold. In this section, you will come to know about the various ways that we reserve rights regarding the collection of your information and sharing other details with you.

We prefer to disclose such terms and conditions which are fixed by our company’s management. We recommend that you check out these rules and other conditions to avoid any further misconceptions and disputes later on.

Collecting your information-the purpose

We reserve the right to collect your information as needed when you are making an order. Any person not willing to share a few crucial information with us will not be able to carry on with their buying order on our website.

But don’t worry, we know that you want to keep your anonymity and that is your right too. So in our portal, we tend to ask you only for those details that are needed to keep a good track record and establish your authenticity. Further such data collected also helps us to serve you better.

On our portal, you need not share all your information except your name, mobile number, email ID, address for delivery, and nothing else.

Protection of your private data

At our portal, your collected data is kept private and safe from any unauthorized access. We do not believe in sharing your private information without taking your consent. We are not involved in the illegal practices of selling your private data to other agencies or institutions.

On our portal anything that you share as your information will be kept safe and it is only us who has exclusive rights to get access to those data whenever we need.

Our protected data servers are safe from any unauthorized access or the grasp of illegal uses for spamming you on mail or through any other digital media form.

Update or delete your data from our portal anytime

We have given you the sole freedom to be able to delete your data whenever you want. We believe that this way it becomes more transparent to get access to your data and the authority to delete it whenever you want. After all, we believe that sharing your data with us is a matter of your choice.

Along with this, we also give the customers access to the data and essentially update it whenever the need arises. We always inform customers to keep their various personal information updated on our portal as this way it also allows us to serve you better.

Getting access to our newsletters and offers through emails and messages

We understand the importance of privacy for our customers so, if you want, you may subscribe to our daily and weekly newsletters through emails. It is solely your decision whether you want to choose to subscribe to our daily emails which lets you know about the best offers and promotions being available on our website.

We also tend to keep you updated and informed through messaging and WhatsApp about the best promotions that are currently going on different brands but only through your consent.

Agreeing with our cookie policy

If you are a regular customer with us you may sign up with our cookie policy which permits us to save your data and other information on our portal. This way we notch up one level further in terms of serving and saving time for you.

If you do indeed sign up with our cookie policy this lets us ensure prefilled data each time you are ordering medicines on our portal. Thus you don’t have to share information with us every time. We have also given you the sole right to cancel our cookie policies anytime.

Confirming the age policies

We reserve the right to confirm with your age before proceeding medicines on our portal. Although you don’t have to share your exact age, it is mandatory that you are above the legal age of 18 to be able to transact and shop for medicines through our portal. Without confirming the age criteria we won’t be able to serve you.

Cancellation of your orders

At Tabpill, we reserve the sole right to cancel your order in case if we feel that you have misled us through your shared information or else you are not disclosing correctly about our information.

We also reserve the right to cancel your order at any time without informing you if we don’t have the medicines in stock or if we are unable to deliver to you due to some exigencies.

Payment of import duties and other charges

We do not pay for any import duties and other charges on your medicines. Such charges are to be borne by the customers only. If by any chance your medicinal package is held up by the authorities for collection of such duties and additional taxes, we may simply inform you but you must pay such charges and retrieve your package from there on.

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