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At Tabpill we have a specific drug policy that you must know about. In this section, you will come to know about the various terms and conditions of our specific drug policies which are framed by the management committee in our company. Remember that such drug policies may be subject to change so we always encourage you to check out the updated drug policy version whenever you are buying medicines from our portal.

We offer you with trusted FDA-approved and generic medicines only

We can completely ensure that all medicines and brands that you purchase from our website are FDA-approved or generic medicines. If you search for any medicine name even on the internet you will find that we only sell genuine and authentic brands that are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies.

We can entrust you that the medicines that you purchase from our website are only the ones that we source directly from pharmaceutical and drug companies.

We buy medicines directly from pharmaceutical companies

As we told you above, we are direct buyers of various medicines directly from the companies manufacturing such pills. We do not buy medicines from anywhere else apart from the drug manufacturing and pharmacy research companies themselves. We have partnered with them directly, and this also allows us to provide you medicines at a slightly low cost which you may not find on the other portals.

We provide medicines only for personal use and not for sale

One of the things that you just agreed on while buying medicines from our portal is that they would be used solely for you or your family members for their cure only. Remember that if you buy medicines from us to sell then it is entirely an illegal purpose. If we somehow tend to derive such information through your shared data, we will not accept your orders even if you make them on our website.

On the other hand, any person will be henceforth blocked from buying medicines any further from our website. All medicines that you see on our portal are only for direct customer use. We do not sell medicines to other retail and offline wholesalers or distributors.

We reserve the right to change prices and the availing offers anytime

At Tabpill, it is our management that reserves the sole right to change the prices of any medicinal brand depending on their selling demands and their availability at our end. It is not our duty in Any way to inform you about a possible price change that may take place anytime soon in the future. So even if you find that the prices have increased slightly or even if the discount offers and reduced it is your choice to decide to buy medicines at the prevailing rate from our portal. We will not accept any sort of bargaining here.

At our portal, you have to buy medicines with a prescription only

Since Tabpill is one of the most genuine and authentic pharmacy places we tend to build our trust by ensuring that all customers have to upload a copy of their doctor’s prescription on our portal. This image would later on be verified by our pharmacy experts and a leading panel of doctors post and you may go ahead and buy medicines from our portal. Don’t worry though as we will not take too much of your time to verify the uploaded prescription at our end.

We do not guarantee the efficiency of medicines for your cure

Although you are trusting us to buy branded FDA-approved and generic medicines online from our portal remember that is it solely your choice. We do not make any promises to customers that using medicines from our portal will provide them with a complete cure or has the possibly shortest remedial technique.

Remember that, we always encourage you to get a consultation from the doctors as to which brand or dose of medicines should you purchase regardless of the type of disorder that you are suffering from. We cannot be held responsible in any way if you do not get an ideal remedy or cure or worse even if you get side effects or suffer from medicinal contraindications. Buying medicines from our portal is entirely your choice and any further risks after its intake cannot be guaranteed at our end.

Once you buy medicines you may cancel your order but up to a time only

When buying medicines from our portal, we also tend to provide our customers the convenience to cancel their order but this is only fixed up to a certain time. Your time to cancel your ordered medicines and ask us for a refund is only limited to within 7 days that you receive your order. This time also includes holidays. Remember that once u7 days have passed by since the time you received your order we won’t accept your order for a return and refund.


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