Fildena Super Active

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Active Ingredient Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging 10 Tablets/Capsules in a Strip
Strength 100mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Fildena Super Active capsules may be the right remedy for you in case you are having to face issues with penis erection trouble. The use of these medicines is recommended for patients who are having to deal with issues of penis erection disorder or ED.

ED or erectile dysfunction causes patients to have a sexually miserable life as their capabilities to achieve a strong and hard erection get hampered.

But now with the Fildena Super Active 100 Mg pills you may have found not only the solution to curing ED easily but also provides faster actions which is one of the main benefits of this brand under the Fildena group of medicines.

Although the normal process of swallowing is employed during taking the pills as the pills have a soft gel as their outer coating the actions of the pills will begin taking place faster.

Sildenafil which is the main element present in the pills, allows vasodilation capabilities that enable your penis tissues to have a much higher rate of blood flowing through them which sensitizes the penis region to get you to a hard erection.

Use of the medicine though needs confirmation from a doctor and adapting to the dosage and precaution guidelines from the doctor after their analysis about your heath and age.


viagra super active fildena is one of the highly selling medicines not just in the Indian markets where it is manufactured but also globally. Buy Fildena Super Active online in the USA is probably among the top generic variants of Sildenafil that are sold in the markets.

The reason for this popularity stems from the fact that the medicines are also made easily available to customers both the online and offline mode.

On the online mode, you may prefer buying the medicines from a generic pharmacy website after comparing the discounts.

And of course, the traditional offline method to purchase the medicine is by way of buying the pills from any local pharmacy store near you.


It is the composition of Sildenafil that is present as the single generic element of the medicines. Generic Fildena Super Active medicines are composed of Sildenafil as the element only within it as the main acting substance.

The amount of Sildenafil that goes into the making of a single medicine is 100mg which represents one of the moderate dose amounts of Sildenafil.

Sildenafil initial effects would be to inhibit the PDE-5 hormonal effects and this is why its family of generic substances is also known as the group of PDE-5 hormone inhibitors.


Fortune Healthcare is the company name that is responsible for manufacturing and licensing medicines. Based out of Vadodara in Gujarat, India, the medicines are selling in high demand both in the local and offshore markets.


As for the use of Fildena Super Active pills, check out how the doctors have recommended it based on the severity of ED issues you have. For a slightly aggravated issue of impotence, doctors may recommend you with daily use of the medicine.

Or else if your ED issues are mild only then doctors may allow you to use the medicines only for a few days of the week depending on the days you wish to have sex.

As for use, make it clear that no other forms of sexual disorder in men apart from penis impotence are curable using the pills Fildena Super Active 100.

Remember that, the medicines also do not allow you any form of preventive effect against any sexual disorder such as HIV or AIDS.

While using the medicine the effects of the medicine would only last for around 6 hours and it is within this time that your erection capabilities are restored only.


After the administration of a fildena 100 mg super active is done it is within minutes that the effects of Sildenafil will begin taking charge. Thanks to these effects the PDE-5 hormonal effects will subside completely and another enzyme would alternatively take its place and that is the cGMP hormones.

The cGMP hormones also bring out the effects of vasodilation through nitric oxide. And under such effects, the blood arterial walls tend to relax and eventually making blood flow occur much more smoothly which enables sensitizing the entire penis erection.

It is thanks to these vasodilation effects that a person will get enhanced erection effects with stimulation on the penis.


Although the medicines have a soft gel outer coating you are only to swallow the medicines. it is not ideal to chew the pills.


Fildena Super Active may have chances to form drug contraindications. And such medicines include all those types that may influence your blood pressure. So you are basically to avoid taking in those medicines that contain nitrates, alpha and beta blockers, or even protease hormone inhibitors in them.


Doctors will issue you a few warning measures apart from the safety parameters.

The presence of alcohol or narcotic drugs and even grape juice highly contraindicates the working actions of Sildenafil. Thus it is severely restricted during your course on the Fildena Super Active pills.

It is never safe for you to administer more than one medicine per day. So choose the timing carefully and make sure to have it at least an hour before indulging in romantic activities with your partner.


Fildena Super Active’s dose of Sildenafil corresponds to a dose of 100mg within each pill. other dose is Fildena 100 and Fildena CT 100 mg. Your dose and whether you have to take the medicines daily or not depends much on your existing health conditions, your age, and other factors.

While it is bad to overdose, it is not good to frequently miss doses either. As the pills will only work temporarily for a few hours it is necessary to take them to get an erection without which you may have the same sort of issues with penis erections.


Doctors always want you to be safe while administering the medicine so that you don’t have to suffer from any of the side effects.

It is thus that they would recommend you not to use the medicine if it has side effects even when you are having one medicine per day only. Remember that this is an indication of overdose and you may need to reduce the 100mg dose to lower amounts like Fildena 50 mg.

Doctors also never recommend taking the pills under the effects of addiction to any substances such as alcohol or narcotic drugs.

For your health safety only and to avoid cases of road accidents doctors would also forbid driving post taking in the medicines. This is because, within the very first few minutes, you may experience a slight headache or dizziness.


Fildena Super Active storage conditions are easy to maintain given the fact that the medicines suit the room temperature conditions the most. This means that you do not have to necessarily refrigerate the medicines.

But while storing one of the things to keep in mind is to always keep it concealed from your children and pets at home.