Cenforce Soft

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Active Ingredient Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength 100mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Cenforce Soft is a soft gel capsule with the contents of Sildenafil in it which may help in provoking a strong and hard erection. Ideally, the intention behind using this medicine is to achieve a strong and hard erection through the working of Sildenafil for those who don’t get it naturally.

It is the sort of medicine whose effects may be strongly visible in someone who is suffering from the impotence condition which is known as Erectile Dysfunction as well. Remember that males who achieve erection powers normally should restrain themselves from using this medicine.

It is the sort of medicine that can help you achieve an erection thanks to the vasodilation-producing capabilities of its generic element which is Sildenafil. It is the Action of this generic substance that brings in accelerated blood flow supply to the penis tissues to get you to erect hard.

The ideal intake method for the medicines is done orally by way of swallowing down a whole medicine. It is best that you intake the medicine just about an hour before getting intimate with your partner.

It is critical to know that for buying and using the medicine you will need a prescription from the doctor stating about the detailed use of the medicine.

Doctors will determine which dose of Cenforce Soft 100 capsules can help you to adapt to the actions of the medicine the most and thus make you achieve a strong and hard erection.

Remember that any unnecessary excess intake of Sildenafil may cause you to have side effects too. So better to avoid changing the dose to a higher dose variant without any specific reason when you have not consulted with the doctors as well.

Apart from this, the use of Cenforce Soft generic Sildenafil capsules will also need you to be within a specific age category of 18 to 64 years and not be suffering from any major or significant cardiac disorder issues.


Buy Cenforce Soft 100 is easier and can easily be done from multiple sales parties both online and offline mode. In the online mode, you have availability of several online generic pharmacies that can provide you with the medicine at a low cost.

And in case if you are looking to buy this medicine in bulk then you may approach an online wholesaler or distributor. Such entities are also present in the offline mode.

Other than this the medicine is also widely available across the leading pharmaceutical stores around the world. So you can wish to buy from them directly.


It is the composition of Sildenafil citrate and only one generic element that is present in the Cenforce Soft pills. We believe that if you are buying the medicines then you need to be assured of this composition and its presence.

So do not forget to check it once you receive your order to identify your medicines are original.

Sildenafil is one of the medicinal elements derivating from the PDE-5 hormone-inhibiting substance category. It is the sort of generic substance that can help inhibit the actions of PDE-5 hormones and subsequently, the changes will keep coming.


Centurion Remedies is one of the leading Indian pharmaceutical firms with its manufacturing base set up in Gujarat. It is this company that holds the manufacturing and selling rights to the medicine.


The ideal use for the Cenforce Soft 100 chewable medicines is in terms of achieving a male’s hard erection. Remember that it is not the outright consequence of the medicine.

but a hard erection becomes visible only after the pills provide the effects and you will get an erection only when stimulating the penis enough.

Ideally, the use of the medicine should not be done for any other reason than curing impotence and even then temporarily only. Do not think that the medicines may provide you with a permanent solution to dealing with ED.

Other than this patients need to make sure that they are not using the medicine for curing any other sexual issues such as Premature Ejaculation or HIV and AIDS.


Cenforce Soft 100 has the generic ingredient of Sildenafil which once activated will begin suppressing the presence and activities of the PDE-5 hormones. It is due to this effect that the secretion of another enzyme will begin gathering pace which is the cGMP hormones.

It is with this hormone that nitric oxide gets into action and the stage of vasodilation soon begins when your arteries and blood vessels will ease and de-stretch allowing blood flow to occur much more smoothly.

It is this ability that causes sensitivity in the region and usually stimulating would lead to a hard erection.


The intake method recommended for the medicines of Cenforce Soft 100 Mg is an oral procedure of swallowing. Just gulp down the medicine without thinking too much.


Cenforce Soft has the presence of 100mg of generic Sildenafil in each of its pills. It is this dose that is the most prudent and efficient dose of Sildenafil which can help you to get a strong and hard erection in both mild and moderately severe instances of ED.

For this dose, it is safe you administer the medicine only once on a given day. Avoid using the drug any more than once. Another dose is Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200.


Usually, it is the ability of Sildenafil’s contraindication and interacting capabilities with a few other medicinal substances that you have to specifically keep a note of.

Such medicines include specifically those that also belong to the other PDE-5 hormone-inhibiting category, those that control blood pressure, and medicines that may have alpha, beta, or protease hormone-inhibiting capabilities.

It is due to these medicinal contraindications and an overdose of Sildenafil that may cause the patient to experience some of the side effects issues relating to the medicine.

Mild Side Effects

Severe Side Effects


chest pain


blurry eye vision

lower libido




stomach cramps





⚠ Apart from the list of precaution measures which we are about to discuss later on you will have to know about a few warnings as these are critical to be maintained too.

⚠ Be warned of not using alcohol alongside the use of the medicine. Sildenafil has particular contraindicating capabilities with most of the other addictive substances.

⚠ Avoid using the medicine if you are using such a drug that has contraindicating behavior as we have mentioned above.

⚠ Be warned of not using the medicine if you are a female.

⚠ Do not take the medicine if you are not of the age category between 18 to 64 years.


The doctors always provide you with a list of safety measures which you have to follow once you are on a course of the medicines.

Remember that it is crucial that you diligently follow the precautionary measures as given in your prescription.

As for your safety, it is not recommended that during the active hours of the medicine, you take any such ingredient that contains the presence of alcohol or narcotic drug substances.

Other than this patients have to avoid using the medicine if they have some form of other disorder specifically relating to the heart or even if they had suffered from a cardiac stroke recently or had undergone surgery.

It isn’t safe for you to drive either. You must always ensure to be at home when administering the pills.


Once your buying is done the next important duty for you is to find out an appropriate area for storing the medicines. It is critical to find a place that meets both the temperature and the humidity elements as is necessary for the optimal storage conditions for the medicine.

We recommend that while you don’t need to store the medicines in a fridge you may wish to store the pills openly in a normal room temperature environment. Keeping a low humidity condition would be fine enough.

As for the area in your house, make sure to keep it sufficiently in a high place so that your children won’t be able to reach it. The other thing that you need to notice is that the pills must not be under constant exposure to sunlight.

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