Cenforce Professional

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Active Ingredient Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength 100mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Cenforce Professional is a type of medicine that may help you in assuring penis hardness and a strong erection overcoming the challenges of erectile dysfunction.

This medicine is generally recommended by the doctors in line to ensure the safety of the patients so that it helps in assuring the most perfect dose along with some safety recommendations.

Sildenafil which is the generic substance of the Cenforce Professional 100mg, allows you to achieve a strong and hard erection through the process of vasodilation as we shall see below.

Sildenafil potentially increases the actions of cGMP hormones in your body and allows the vasodilation actions to come in before it has already inhibited the presence of PDE-5 hormones.

Cenforce Professional 100 has a unique mode of intake. It is one of the unique varieties of mouth-dissolving medicines that can enable you to have an erection much faster than ever.

Use of an erection-causing medicine such as Cenforce Professional 100 mg is only safe for male patients who are at least adult and have turned 18.

Remember that while it is safe to take the medicine when you are an adult you may not be recommended to use the medicine if you are over the age of 64 primarily because of your health safety issues.

While using the Cenforce Professional pills you have to ensure the safety of your health by administering the dose that is only recommended by the doctors. Usually, it is not more than one medicine that you have to take per day.

Remember that Cenforce professional sildenafil citrate may also cause some side effects on overdose.


Buy Cenforce Professional online is among one of the most popular generic brands in the country. Its use is likely recommended among men for curing issues with penile hardness those who can sustain the actions of the medicine.

Cenforce Professional is one of the most selling generic variants and thus it is one of the most easily available medicines. You may find the medicine in any reputed and trusted online generic pharmacy shop.

Or else you may also buy the medicines from any one of your local medicine shops in your locality. Other than this there is also the availability of online and offline wholesalers and distributors who can buy the pills.

Remember that during an offline purchase from any sales channel, you will have to show the original prescription. Or else when buying it from the online mode you will need to upload a scanned copy of the doctor’s prescription.


It is the presence of Sildenafil which is there is the medicine of Cenforce Professional 100mg. It is the presence of this component that allows you to achieve the desired levels of erectile hardness to promote a strong and hard erection.

Cenforce Professional pills contain generic Sildenafil and this generic element will inhibit the presence and secretion of PDE-5 hormones in your blood enacting the later changes to come in.

Potentially it is this generic Sildenafil component that can give you a strong and hard erection for up to 6 hours with the amount of dose that is present in a single medicine.


The manufacturing and the initial selling company of the Cenforce Professional pills is Centurion Laboratories a medicine manufacturing and research firm that is based out of Vadodara in Gujarat, India.

Although the pills may be manufactured in India you can also order the medicine from overseas. Centurion is also distributing this brand of medicines to overseas distributors and medicine stockists.

Centurion also manufactures other variants of ED curing medicines and all of them are generic variants. However, within the generic Sildenafil category, it only manufactures variant doses of Cenforce medicines. like Cenforce 100.


The most important thing to remember while using the Cenforce Professional is not to misuse the medicines such as using the pills despite not having an erection disorder.

Also, do not overdose deliberately by enduring more than one medicine at a stage as this may bring about side effects too.


So, right after you have taken the medicine it is the actions of Sildenafil that will get promoted. Sildenafil’s actions allow you to achieve the changes one by one which starts with the inhibition of the PDE-5 hormones.

Later on, it will also bring about the cGMP enzymatic actions into play that will be taking the alternative place to PDE-5 hormones.

Now, it is not long until the cGMP hormones have risen in their Action that nitric oxide will get into effect and usually display its vasodilating capabilities.

It is by ensuring higher blood flow through the penis tissues that enables a smooth and hard erection occurrence by increasing the sensitivity of the region.


Cenforce Professional 100mg is a sort of medicine that is not from the commonly occurring swallowing type of medications.

Usually, the intake process for the medicine is to simply put the medicine in your mouth. Once done, you will find that the pill begins to dissolve in your mouth under the effects of saliva.

It is within 10 to 15 minutes that the pill will have eventually dissolved completely thus allowing you to get a potent hard and strong erection.

Remember not to try out any other experimenting technique such as crushing or dissolving the medicines in water. Avoid swallowing the medicines too since it is not one of those pills as well.


Usually, it is the 100mg dose of Sildenafil which is present within each pill of the Cenforce Professional pills. This much amount of dose is enough to bring in hard erections for males who are suffering from a mild or even a moderate severity issue of the erection disorder. other dose is cenforce 120 and cenforce D.


Cenforce Professional USA is a medicine that may help you in getting a strong erection. But having said that its potent overdose or contraindicating abilities with generic substances of other medicines could also likely push you to the brink of experiencing the adverse effects of the medicine.

Remember that some generic medicinal substances may have a chance of forming contraindication capabilities which is likely going to increase the actions of side effects.

Such medicines include those that have any vasodilation capabilities. These include medicines that contain nitrates or the ones that behave as alpha or beta blocker pills.

Milder Side Effects

Severe Side Effects

chest pain


blood pressure

lower libido




Use of Cenforce Professional 100mg necessitates you to know about some of the warnings of the medicine. This includes avoiding the use of alcohol or any such addictive substances as they could likely produce contraindications with Sildenafil.

Other than this keep a note of the contraindicating medicines as we have given above.

Remember that it is also unsafe for you to take the medicine just a few days after undergoing a major heart surgery or if you have high blood pressure.


It is for your health safety that doctors in line with your age and current health conditions will specify the following safety information:

  1. Avoid driving when experiencing a slight headache or dizziness after taking the pills.
  2. Do not use the medicines if you are not sure about allergy issues with Sildenafil’s use.
  3. Never administer any alcoholic or drug-containing substance right after taking the Cenforce Professional pills.


Cenforce Professional 100 is a type of medicine that is potentially adjusted to mild or nil humidity conditions along with a normal temperature zone that does not exceed more than 30 degrees Celsius.

While storing the medicines at any place ensure it is kept sufficiently high and locked so that your children won’t be able to reach them.

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