Vitamin C

What Food Group Has The Most Vitamin C?

To get sufficient amounts of vitamin C, you ingest oranges in high amounts. It is a fact that this vitamin is essential just like other vitamins. Any citrus fruits and cruciferous veggies are loaded with this vitamin. It is important to know that this vitamin is also known as L-ascorbic acid which is a water-soluble vitamin. You should keep in mind that vitamin is an imperative part of your diet.

Unfortunately, human beings cannot produce vitamin C. They have to derive this vitamin from various sources. Many research studies show that eating foods that are rich in vitamins is essential to stay healthy. You can consume plenty of this vitamin from fresh veggies and fruits.

When you eat sufficient amounts of vitamins, you can keep your health good at all times. Having vitamin C in your foods will help you safeguard your health from many health ailments. If there is a vitamin deficiency, you will suffer from many physical and sexual health problems.

Whether you eat veggies or fruits that are packed with vitamin C, you can be assured of getting good health. Sexual dysfunction can be cured with the consumption of vitamin-rich foods. Fildena 100 mg helps men come out of impotence issues quickly.

Prominence Of Having Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps your body produce imperative compounds such as neurotransmitters, L-carnitine, and collagen. These compounds are extremely essential for your brain, heart, nerves, energy production, and muscles.

You should keep in mind that vitamin C is an antioxidant that safeguards your cells from free radicals. This substance is an unstable molecule that destroys your cells. The damage in cells can play a vital role in health issues such as heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin helps your body absorb iron and metabolize protein.

Having insufficient vitamins can give rise to many physical and Sexual Disorders. Incorporating this essential vitamin in your body to get rid of a deficiency of vitamin. Moreover, Cenforce 100 vs Viagra fixes sexual dysfunction in men.

What Is The Need Of Vitamin C? 

It is important to keep in mind that vitamin C is an imperative nutrient that everybody needs. As your body is not able to make this vitamin on its own, you need to get it from various food sources. Fruits and vegetables can provide sufficient vitamin C.

It is advised for men to consume larger amounts of vitamin C for the betterment of their physical and sexual health. It is best to pick veggies and fruits which you get in a particular season.

If you live in climates where seasonal foods are limited, frozen foods can be a great option. You need vitamin C to form and maintain bones and skin. As this vitamin is a potent antioxidant, it safeguards your cells from getting damaged. Free radicals and toxic molecules damage your cells.

This can be prevented with the consumption of vitamin C-rich foods. Including vitamin C-rich foods in your regular diet daily, will help you have good health. Keep tissues and muscles healthy with regular consumption of these vitamin-enriched foods. Vidalista 60 helps men get rid of sexual problems.

Symptoms Of Vitamin C Deficiency 

If you consume less food or if you smoke, it can lead to vitamin deficiency. If you have medical issues such as Kidney Disease or cancer, you are at a high risk of vitamin deficiency. You will come to know that if you have vitamin C deficiency, crankiness, fatigue, severe joint or leg pain, or swollen legs. Other symptoms include blue or red spots, bleeding gums, or skin bruises.

Food Groups Which Have High Amounts Of Vitamin C

Chili Peppers: 

Red and green chili peppers have ample vitamin C content which can keep many infections away. During winter months, you may suffer from cold and cough. To keep your health safe from cold and cough, it is necessary to ingest chili peppers. Include chili peppers in your daily diet to keep infections away during the winter season. Buying drugs from can prove to help treat various health issues.

Mustard Greens: 

If you are fond of eating greens, having mustard greens can be beneficial for your health. It is important to note that these mustard greens are packed with nutrients and high amounts of vitamin C. Have mustard greens in various ways to enjoy good health.


Have one cup of strawberries daily which contain high amounts of vitamin. Eating strawberries will help you get high amounts of antioxidants. Having antioxidants from strawberries can keep your health safe from cancer. Vitamin C in strawberries will help you stay away from various health ailments. When you feel hungry, have a box of strawberries to prevent various health issues.


Have a cup of broccoli which is a cruciferous veggie. Eating this cruciferous veggie will help you get adequate amounts of vitamin C. You will be surprised to know that broccoli has high amounts of vitamins as an orange. Eating broccoli can keep your health safe from various health disorders. Have broccoli in various ways to get sufficient of this vitamin. You can add broccoli pieces in salads or make dishes of this veggie to derive vitamins.

Guava :

Have a whole guava that is brimming with vitamin C. Along with Potassium, this tasty fruit has high amounts of vitamins. Support your heart health and digestive problems with high consumption of guava. You can get this delicious fruit from February to March and August to October. Indulge in the taste of guava to make the best of your health.


If you want a lot of vitamin C, eat cooked or raw kale. A cup of raw kale contains tons of this vitamin. Eating kale can keep your health safe from various health conditions.

Red Cabbage: 

Red cabbage is known as purple cabbage which is low in calories and vitamin C. A half cup of cabbage contains good amounts of vitamin which can prevent a person’s health from many health ailments.

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Bottom line 

Vitamin C is one of the vital vitamins which every human body requires. Having various foods that are high in vitamins can keep your health away from serious health issues.


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