Top Avana

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Active Ingredient Avanafil/Dapoxetine
Manufacturer Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd
Packaging 4 Tablets in Strip
Strength 50 Mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Top Avana is a medicine that is related to curing the issues of male erectile underachievement and Premature Ejaculation. Ideally, the curable actions of the medicine are possible only when a male patient is suffering from the issues of erectile hardness and premature ejaculation both of which are occurring simultaneously in the patient.

Top Avana pills have a dual action in the male body. Their use can allow the male patient to achieve erectile hardness and recover from the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction or impotence and even provide better ejaculation control allowing the males to get delayed ejaculation and hence sexual satisfaction.

The pill is only recommended on the successful diagnosis of ED and PE occurring at the same time in a patient. If you want to use the pills too, at first you will need confirmation from the doctors since this is a prescription pill only.

With the effects of the pill, you can recover from the limitations of both Sexual Disorders within less than an hour of intake indicating that it is one of the most efficient pills.

Remember that even though the doctors may have recommended you to use this medicine you will be under the restriction on the use of certain medicines and other substances as we have briefed in the upcoming sections. You will also need to follow a specific dosage routine and a tenure for which you need to use these medicines.


To Buy Top Avana Pills you can look for both online and offline channels selling the drugs. In the online mode, you can trust any reputed online generic pharmacy store. And on the offline mode, you may look for any local pharmacy store in your community and buy it with a prescription.


As the Top Avana pills can cure two different sexual issues simultaneously it is also composed of two different generic substances inside of them. These include Avanafil which is the generic element providing erectile stiffness. The other generic substance to be contained in the medicine that cures prematurely ejaculating males to stop such occurrences is the substance Dapoxetine. Remember that both these medicinal substances have been approved by the drug governing body, the USA FDA.


Sunrise Remedies is the name of the drug manufacturing and research firm that manufactures the Top Avana pills in India. It is one of the most unique selling drugs in the market with a cutting-edge composition that provides a simultaneous cure for two different types of sexual issues in males.


The use of the Top Avana USA is only confirmed with the patient having both ED and PE symptoms occurring at the same time. If you have only one of the disorders there are separate brands for curing both ED and PE so you need to use them only.


Top Avana Tablet and its generic ingredient of Avanafil will begin inhibiting the effects of the PDE-5 hormones that let the Nitric Oxide effects dilate the arteries ensuring a smooth stream of blood flow to the penis tissues making it sensitive.

The Dapoxetine content of the pills allows itself to take charge in the brain cells leading to a rise in the amounts of serotonin that prevents you from feeling anxious or stressed and being able to control your ejaculating tendencies.


The usual method of administering the Top Avana pill is by swallowing a single pill at a time. Use plenty of water to make the entire process much easier.


Now let us get to know more about the dosage of the Top Avana pills in further detail. So the total dose of a single medicine is 80mg which contains a 50mg dose of Avanafil and a 30mg dose of dapoxetine.

This medicine does not have any other dose variants as of now so you have to suit the composition and the dose amounts of the generic substances contained in the medicine.

Other Dosage :

Avana 100 | Super Avana | Avana 200


The medicinal contraindications possible with Avanafil of Top Avana include medicines that are also capable of causing vasodilation and Blood Flow control. Other than this dapoxetine which is an SSR substance can be contraindicated with medicines that cure depression, severe stress, or neural pain.

Such medicinal contraindications have a maximum possibility of causing side effects in the patient such as headache, dizziness, Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, lower libido, and so on. Consult with the doctor being a sufferer of any of these side effects.


To use Top Avana pills safely you need to be warned of a few things.

These include-

Not to suddenly increase the dose from one medicine to two or more per day.

Avoiding the use of these pills with contraindicating medicines

Avoiding the use of the medicine with addictive substances such as narcotics and alcohol.


For your health safety and to avoid any occurrences of the possible side effects linked with the medicine the doctors are going to ask you to follow some specific safety and precaution measures.

These pills need the consumption of no more than one medicine for daily purpose use. restrain yourself from using any more than a single pill for daily use.

Also, avoid using the next pill until 24 hours or more have passed.

It is not suitable to use the Top Avana with alcohol or any such addictive substances since it raises concerns about side effects.

To be safe from possible side effects of the medicine such as having a headache, or dizziness you must not drive a car immediately after having the pills.


Storage of the Top Avana pills will need you to find a place that does not have too much sunlight and neither it is too hot or humid. Avoid storing the pills in a fridge since the best temperature range for storing the medicines is within 25 to 30 degrees Celsius.