Malegra Green 100mg

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Active Ingredient Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd
Packaging 4 Tablets in Strip
Strength 100mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Malegra Green 100 mg is a type of medicine that is usable for curing the issues of male Erectile Dysfunction. Once the medicinal effects of this tablet kick in it is possible for a hard erection to occur within minutes of having the pills.

Malegra Green 100 mg is a generic medicinal brand containing the generic ingredient of Sildenafil. This generic substance causes rapid blood flow and movement internally through the blood vessels of the penis region that allows you to get penile hardness.

Malegra Green 100 mg’s use can only be recommended by the doctors. So you will need to remain careful when using the pills and follow the suggestions of the doctor for your health and safety only.


Sunrise Remedies is the company that manufactures this generic brand of medicines in India. It manufactures and sells medicines through its registered network of online and offline wholesalers and distributors.

Sunrise Remedies has been manufacturing cheaper drugs for many decades now and is one of the renowned firms in India.


Each dose of Buy Malegra Green 100 contains a specific amount of the same Sildenafil generic substance in 100mg amounts only. This generic substance is the one that causes the changes to occur.

For each dose taken Sildenafil will get activated making the PDE-5 hormones go out of action. This brings in the actions of the cGMP hormones which can provide activation of the nitric oxide substance which makes the arterial dilation possible.

It is through this arterial dilation process that the blood flow to the penis tissues will rise causing you much higher sensations on the penis tissues to get a strong and hard erection.

Since erections only occur after taking Malegra Green 100 mg you cannot miss its dose. As we shall see in the later section using an excess dose may often lead to side effects.

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Remember that the side effects will not occur when you take proper precautionary measures and take only the suggestive dose from the doctors. Rather most cases the side effects will occur due to heavy dose usage.

The severity of Malegra Green 100 side effects can range from being only mild to severe ones as well. The generally mild side effects of the medicine include headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, palpitations, nervousness, sweating, and dryness in the mouth.

These are often the most commonly occurring side effects with most patients.

But on the other hand, the side effects can get severe as well. You may have to end up suffering from issues of chest pain, priapism, vision blurring, lower libido, and other issues.


Remember that to avoid the side effects and other complications to your health while using Malegra Green 100 mg pills it is necessary to undertake some precautionary measures. An important understanding is to always have the dose suggested by the doctors and avoid exceeding it.

It is riskier to use contraindicating substances such as alcohol and narcotic drugs since these have the highest chances of causing severe side effects.

You cannot go for a drive immediately after taking the medicine since the side effects of the Malegra Green 100 mg pills can make you feel slightly dizzy, have a headache, and feel nauseating.

Remember to talk about any other existing health issues before the recommendation of the pills.