Avaforce 100mg

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Active Ingredient Avanafil
Manufacturer Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging 4 Tablets in Strip
Strength 100mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Among men, it is not uncommon to find issues where they would suffer from challenges that make them incapable of attaining a strong and hard erection these days. It is becoming a growing concern for men not just in the older ages but even in relatively other age groups those within their 30s or 40s.

But it is potentially able to recover from such Sexual Disorders and attain a strong and hard erection once again with the use of the Avaforce 100 mg. Let us find out detailed information on this generic Avanafil brand in further detail.

Avaforce 100 is a generic branded medicine whose actions let men achieve penile hardness once again. It is a medicine that can ideally help you avoid situations of embarrassment when being romantically involved with your partner intimately.

Facing issues of challenges in attaining a penis erection you need to get suggestions from the doctor soon to find out if you can use the Avaforce 100 mg.


Avaforce 100 medicine is buyable on both the online and offline modes. Those who prefer buying online will just have to visit any reputed online generic pharmacy store and order the pills. Even there is the presence of online wholesalers and distributors for those who want to make bulk orders and afford a cheaper price.

This tablet is also available offline through the local medicine shops in your locality. Visit the pharmacy store with your doctor’s prescription and buy the pills instantly.


The composing element of Avaforce 100mg contains the generic substance of Avanafil inside it. Avanafil is already on the list of FDA-Recognized substances. Avanafil is a Schedule H pill meaning that whenever you need to refill your prescription you need to carry the document with you.

Avanafil makes vasodilation to realize in the penis blood vessels allowing further bloodstream to fill in and sensitize the penis tissues to be able to become hard and strong.


Centurion Laboratories Pvt Ltd. is the manufacturing company of the Avanforce pills and all its dose variants. It is one of the registered and reputed pharmaceutical companies in India selling medicines at cheaper prices to make them affordable to most.


For prescription use, of the Avaforce 100 pills, it is only ED that can be cured. Remember that Avaforce 100 use can only be suitable for patients once the doctors confirm the presence of ED. Even then there is an age limit restricting the use of the 100mg pills for anyone who is less than 18 years or even more than 64.

No female must ever use this pill considering it would have equal effects as males in them.


After the pill’s process of absorption begins Avanafil is the one to get activated and begin its method of working. Initially, it will inhibit the action of the PDE-5 Hormones and let in the cGMP hormone to become active. This latter substance can soon begin activating Nitric Oxide which begins the usual vasodilation process to begin.

As the dilation process reaches its peak the arteries would get relaxed allowing more blood to flow easily through the penis tissues to make the entire region more sensitive. And eventually, this is how the hard erection would occur when you stimulate the penis.


The method of intake for the Avaforce 100 mg tablet is simply to put down a pill in your mouth and swallow it using loads of water. Avoid trying to swallow the pill alone since it could get stuck in your throat.

Further, it may not be safe to use alcohol or grape juice as both of these fluid items interact with generic Avanafil causing multiple side effects to occur.


The amount of dose that is contained in each medicine of Avaforce 100 is a concentration of 100 mg of generic Avanafil. This is a sufficiently high dose of the generic substance that can cure even the severest forms of Erectile Dysfunction.


Avaforce 100 has some drug interactions possible with it. So without a doubt, you have to avoid any such possible drug to be used throughout the course on generic Avanafil. Mostly some medicines contain compounds of nitrates, alpha and beta blockers which can contraindicate with Avanafil present in the medicines.

It could be due to such existing medicinal contraindications or even an overdose that may cause side effects of the pill to occur.

Mostly such side effects will only be mild ones such as Headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, palpitations, nervousness, and numbness of hands and feet.

And on very rare issues it is also possible that the patient ends up with much more severe side effects like having chest pain, fluctuations in blood pressure, priapism, lower libido amount in semen secretions, and so on.


Alcohol and any other forms of addictive substances including those that contain substances like cocaine can cause the patient to have issues such as headache, dizziness, and nausea.

Patients may also experience side effects if they take in more than one medicine which is the maximum recommended dose within a day.


For your health safety, the doctors are going to issue several safety guidelines to follow.

Such precaution measures include strict avoidance of to use of any contraindicating medicines and other substances, avoiding an overdose, and avoiding driving a car if having side effects like headache, dizziness, and nausea upon intake of the pills.

You are also to inform the doctors whether you are having any existing cardiac disorders whether you experienced chest pain, had a heart attack, or even have high blood pressure.


Storage of the Avaforce 100 pills needs a cool environment that is not too hot and humid. Ideally, it has to be within 30 degrees Celsius throughout the day with less sunlight being exposed to the pills.