Zopisign 10mg

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Active-Ingredient Zopiclone
Manufacturers HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd
Packaging 14 Tablets in a strip
Strength 10mg
Delivery-Time 6 To 15 days
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Zopisign 10 mg is a sleep-inducing pill. this pill needs caution for intake as it produces effects of sleepiness and drowsiness in the patient. When taking the Zopisign 10 mg pills you must get in touch with your doctor to find out about a suitable dose and understand the risks and precautions that you need to take when taking the pills.

Ideally, this medicine is best for usage among those patients who are having to deal with the issues of insomnia. This is a sort of sleep disorder that makes the patients incapable of having a peaceful sleep at night.

But using the Zopisign 10 mg pills now you can get rid of your sleepless nights and all those anxieties that maybe you have suffered from during these days.

Containing the medicinal substance Zopiclone in it the pills can bring back your nootropic cycle back to the normal version while also reducing the onset time for sleep.

Remember that Zopiclone is a prescription substance. if you overuse it this can easily lead you to side effects. Other than this of course there are some basic limitations of using the medicine such as severe addiction tendencies that form habits in the patient to keep using the medicine.


Buy Zopisign 10 mg Online needs you a prescription as we told you above. Remember that the constituent element of the pills is Zopiclone and it is already been granted approval from the FDA.

Buying with the approval of the doctors helps you to know about the severity of the disorder you are suffering from and of course whether you are of the right age and health conditions to adhere to a regular use of the pills.

Buy Zopisign 10 though is much easier as the pills are easily available to buy on a range of online pharmacies and even the local pharmacists shop in your locality.


The composition of the Zopisign 10 mg pills is made of Zopiclone. This generic element has been approved by the US FDA. So if the doctors recommend you to use the pills as such there is no issue for using the pills.

Zopiclone Zopisign 10 is a substance that produces hormonal changes in your brain. It kick-starts the effects of the melatonin hormone in your brain that brings in the initial signs of sleepiness and drowsiness.

Along with this, the effects of Zopiclone allow your brain cells to reduce the amount of neural transmission activity. This makes the patients feel sleepy.


HAB Pharma is the name of the company that manufactures the Zopisign 10 mg pills in India. The company has its manufacturing hubs and is also responsible for marketing and branding responsibilities.


Zopisign 10 mg Tablets as we told you above come in for application for curing issues of insomnia in the patients. Using this medicine is a requirement for those patients who face two challenges with their night sleep.

One is the issue of regular night sleep disturbances and not being able to achieve a consistent few hours of sleep.

While some others may have symptoms of insomnia like not being able to get to sleep even after lying in bed. They would sleep very little during the night or sometimes they have to remain completely sleepless throughout this time.

Zopisign 10 mg Sleeping Pills can help you to recover from night sleep curing both the issues but the pills are not able to cure the disorder permanently and forever. You can at most get only about 8 to 10 hours of Zopiclone being active thus helping you to get sleep.


Zopisign 10 mg pills produce an action of sleepiness by reducing the amount of neural activity of the neurons inside the brain. And this is how it caters to producing sleep and drowsiness in the patients.


Taking in Zopisign 10 you will have to administer the swallowing process for taking the pills. This pill needs to be gulped down with water. Always use the pill about an hour before your nighttime sleep.


Usually, the pills that cure other sleep disorders like narcolepsy are the ones that may severely contraindicate. Apart from this, you have to be cautious of taking pills that contain opioid substances in them. Be cautious of using the painkiller medicines.

Taking any of such two pills together with Zopiclone can easily form medicinal contraindications that risk side effects like headache, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, hallucinations, dryness in the mouth, numbness in the palms, and so on.


Zopisign 10 mg is severely contraindicated with the use of some specific pills as we have mentioned above. It is not suitable to use such medicines along with taking Zopiclone. Keep a note of the medicinal contraindications we have given above.

The Zopisign 10 mg pill is also not allowable to be taken with addiction like alcohol or cocaine as this too severely increases side effect risks.

You have to be at least 18 or above to use the pills and get a prescription from the doctor.


Zopisign 10 mg dosage is a pill that mostly cures even the severest forms of insomnia issues in patients. The generic substance of the pill Zopiclone 10 mg  can help bring in a consistent effect of sleep if you use it regularly but at fixed time intervals.

Remember that it is only safe for you to administer a single dose for daily use. if you double the dose then the Zopiclone amount will become too high for tolerating in your body and thus cause side effects. lower dose is Zopisign 7.5.


Using a pill such as Zopisign 10 mg requires you to follow a few safety recommendations and precautions as the doctors suggest.

Firstly, taking in the sleep-inducing medicine is never recommended apart from your regular sleep hours. Do not hurry to take the pills until it is time for you to go to bed.

Avoid being focused on any work as it can cause hallucinations and dizziness for the patient. Even voiding to drive a car is a good idea for the patients.

Remember that the pills need not be taken in with alcohol or any other addictive substances as it severely increases the chances of having side effects mostly headache, dizziness, and nausea.


Storing the Zopisign 10 pills patients need to find an apt storage place in their house. Of course, you can easily store the medicines in the open under normal room temperature and conditions. The temperature for storing the medicines does not require you to store them in a freezing place.

But be cautious of the storage place and its amount of sunlight coming in and also the humidity conditions. For the best storage of the pills ensure that you do not store the medicines in more than 30 degrees room temperature conditions while also storing the pills in a less humid environment.

Storing the pills in a safe and secure place away from the reach of your children is also important.