Silagra 100mg

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Active Ingredient Sildenafil
Manufacturer Cipla, India
Packaging 4 Tablets
Strength 100mg
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The Silagra 100 is a drug used in dealing with erection problems in men. The medicine can also help in tackling complex other sexual issues in men.


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Silagra 100 mg pills mainly comprise Sildenafil. This is vital to aid ED treatment along with other sex problems in men. The 100 mg variant of this medicine almost contains 100 mg of Viagra.

Sildenafil is a PDE-5 inhibitor but also contains various inactive elements like lactose, calcium phosphate, etc.


Cipla Ltd. is the makers of Silagra 100. The medicine is produced in its Indian facilities from where it is exported to countries like the USA, or Australia. The company has expertise in producing such medicines for decades.


The primary use of Silagra is definitely to solve erection-related problems in men. The medicine is an expert drug in tackling complex sexual health problems in men. Alongside that, the medicine can play a vital role in providing proper blood-reach in the penis.

This helps in reducing high Blood pressure levels and also solves major arterial issues. One can treat issues like PAH or other arterial issues with Silagra.


The Silagra 100 works by improving blood flow in the penis. It does so by enhancing the blood vessels, which enables more blood-carrying capacity. It also helps in reducing high BP levels, which ensures more blood flows through the body. A man does get a good erection to satisfy the needs of his partner.


You can take the Silagra 100 pills along with some water. You can also prefer other liquids but ensure they are of medicinal value. Besides that, you must also avoid alcohol while consuming it. Alcohol can react with the drug, which may cause issues in the body.


The right dose of any medicine for a person will depend on his internal health. Consult your physician to know more about the dose of Silagra 100 mg for yourself. Generally, the 100 mg variant of this medicine can tackle complex advanced stages of ED. Such persons can easily opt for this medicine.


The medicine is a high-dose tablet. It offers quality solutions for complex stages of ED. It can also tackle other forms of sexual health issues in men like Premature Ejaculation and impotency.

Any drug, that may contain sildenafil, can be a proper substitute for this medicine. However, before substituting it you first must consult a doctor.


The drug is usually safe with any medicine you may take for other conditions. However, it can react with drugs provided for CVD treatment. It specifically reacts with nitrates, which helps in improving chest health. Besides that, there are some other drugs, which may interact with the Silagra. These include- riociguat and vericiguat.


The medicine can exhibit certain mild side effects. This may include temporary problems like:


Before taking the Silagra 100 Mg Tablet, you have to maintain certain precautions. This will help you avoid potential contradictions in the body.

Firstly, you must avoid this medicine if he is suffering from an underlying complex condition. For example, a person with a cardiac condition may have to take this pill with caution.

Besides that, it is also vital for you to not take any other ED medicine while treating with Silagra pills. Doing otherwise can result in massive health issues that will affect your internal health badly.


You have to ensure that you do not take this tablet alongside alcohol. This is a vital aspect to prevent any mishap or situation you regret later.

You also need to ensure that you do not overdose on this tablet. Overdosing can have negative reactions in the body. It is also critical to not take this medicine before any outdoor physical activity.


Maintaining the integrity of the tablet is vital. For, the drug needs to be stored in a cool and dry place. A place below 20°C is good for the drugs. A direct source of heat on the medicine can affect its efficacy. Besides that, you also need to keep it away from humid places.

Frequnetaly Asked Questions Ask New Question
Can I take the Silagra medicines alongside BP tablets?

It is not advised to have this drug alongside BP medicines. Silagra pills itself can regulate high BP conditions. Taking specific BP tablets can cause sudden drops in blood pressure, which can make you sick.

Can I take this medicine along with my heart- tablets?

Most heart tablets contain an element called nitrate, which interacts with the Silagra. Hence, it is not advisable to take the Silagra 100 alongside such medicines.

What is the best way of getting a good erection from Silagra pills?

To get effective results you can have this medicine about half an hour to 45 minutes before sex. This time will enable the drug to propel its effect evenly in your penis and hence, provide you with a long-lasting erection.

Can Silagra help tackle PE?

Though the primary goal of the Silagra is to aid ED, the drug can also play a vital role in deterring PE. The medicine is effective in preventing the premature release of semen during sex. This provides quality intimate affairs between couples.

Is it Safe to have Silagra for young adults?

Moreover, the medicine is safe for any person above the age of 18. Upon approval from the physician, a young adult certainly can have it to improve their sex life.

Are Viagra and Silagra pills the same?

Sildenafil or Viagra is the main drug used in making Silagra. However, it also includes different other key elements that make the drug potent in tackling ED.