Careprost Plus Eye Drop

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Active-Ingredient Bimatoprost Ophthalmic solution
Manufacturers Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging 3ml Eye Drop in Bottle
Strength 3ml 0.03%+0.5%
Delivery-Time 6 To 15 days
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At times, the pressure in the eyes gets increased as compared to normal pressure in the eyes. If this happens constantly, Careprost Plus Eye Drops make the flow of fluid in the eyes increase. As a result, the component lowers the increased pressure in the eyes.

Using this ophthalmic eye solution damages future complications in the eyes. If you do not want to lose your vision, using this ophthalmic eye solution is extremely necessary.

This ophthalmic eye solution is also used in glaucoma patients. The optic nerve gets damaged which can impair your vision. Damage in the eye can take place because of abnormal eye pressure in the eyes. Using this ophthalmic eye solution will lessen the pressure and swelling in the eyes.

Your vision will be improved when you keep using this ophthalmic eye solution daily. When you use this ophthalmic eye solution regularly, you will feel relief from Glaucoma. Your ophthalmologist will keep testing your eye condition to know the status of glaucoma.


It is possible to get fake eye droppers from online drugstores. Therefore, the safest option you can have is to Buy Careprost Plus Eye Drops from a reliable and established online drugstore. Tabpill is one of the established and trusted online pharmacies that sell authentic eye droppers. As you order your eye dropper online, it will be delivered to your destination in the quickest possible time.


Careprost Eye Drops Plus help by reducing the amount of ocular fluid that flows through your eyes thereby being able to control or reduce the amount of ocular fluid that is present in your eyes.


Careprost Plus Eye Drops online are used for two purposes. This ophthalmic eye solution is used to decrease the excessive pressure in the eyes. When you apply a drop of this ophthalmic eye solution, your eyes will get better with each passing day. You will not feel pressure in the eyes anymore with the regular use of this eye dropper.

Another use of this eye dropper is to safeguard your eyes from getting damaged. People may experience blindness if glaucoma is not treated at the earliest. Using Careprost Plus Eye Drops can strengthen your vision and you will not suffer from sudden vision loss.


Before applying a drop of Careprost Plus Eye Drops to the eyes, it is necessary to wash your hands. Keep in mind not to touch the tip of the eye dropper which can contaminate your eyes. Apply a drop carefully in the eyes and then close your eyes for a while. Ask your medical provider how many drops you need to apply in your eyes in a day. If you need to apply a drop more than once a day, use it carefully. Make sure to keep a gap of 10 minutes after each fresh drop.


Glaucoma and ocular Hypertension patients may have a view of various dosages of this ophthalmic eye solution. Both patients should never try to use this ophthalmic eye solution without discussing it with their medical provider. If you take over-the-counter eye droppers, they may be more harmful to your eyes. Your medical professional will determine a dosage of an ophthalmic eye solution after getting your eyes checked.


If you have not used Careprost Plus Eye Drops in a day, you can apply it when you remember. It is best not to miss a dose which will help you keep your eyes in good condition.


If you have applied an extra dose of the ophthalmic eye solution, wipe the additional solution with utter care. After wiping off the extra eye solution, make sure to wash your hands again with water and soap.


People who deal with glaucoma and ocular hypertension may come across various strengths and substitutes in the chemist stores. This medicine can be easily accessible in online pharmacies at cost-effective rates. Your ophthalmologist will decide which substitute you need after diagnosing your eyes. As per your eye condition, your medical provider will tell you to use a specific substitute that will be the best for your eyes.


Not being able to see, itching, or burning sensation in the eyes are some of the side effects. Redness and irritation in the eyes are other side effects.


Interactions will occur if you take any other eye droppers or any other medicines with Careprost Plus Eye Drops.


If you are currently using any drugs, it would be best to tell your ophthalmologist in advance.

If you are using any other eye dropper, let your ophthalmologist know about it.


If you have any health ailments, tell your ophthalmologist before you start using this eye dropper.

Notify your ophthalmologist in advance in case you suffer from other eye issues.


  1. Breastfeeding mothers need a doctor’s approval for using this eye dropper.
  2. Before you start putting this ophthalmic eye solution, you must remove the contact lenses.
  3. Prevent contamination of the ophthalmic eye solution by not touching the surface of the eye dropper.
  4. It is advised to glaucoma and ocular hypertension patients not to go on a drive or operate a heavy machine after using this eye dropper.


Store Careprost Plus Eye Drops in a place where sunlight does not fall. Keeping the eye dropper in a dry and cool zone is essential. Storing this eye dropper at 30 degrees Celsius can keep the eye dropper safe.


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Frequnetaly Asked Questions Ask New Question
1. Who can use Careprost Plus Eye Drops?

This medicine is an ophthalmic eye solution that is used to treat excess fluid in the eye and excess pressure in the eyes. Using this medicine can help you overcome glaucoma and ocular hypertension.

2. What are the constituents of Careprost Plus Eye Drops?

Bimatoprost and Timolol are two prominent constituents of this ophthalmic eye solution. Bimatoprost reduces the excess pressure in the eyes and Timolol reduces excess fluids in the eyes.

3. Is it allowed to skip a dose of Careprost Plus Eye Drops?

Patients are not permitted to skip a dose of Careprost Plus Eye Drops which will not show desired results in the eyes. To get rid of the eye issues, taking this eye drop on time is essential.

4. Can you stop having Careprost Plus Eye Drops anytime?

It is not advised to use this ophthalmic eye solution whenever you want. A doctor's permission is necessary before stopping the eye dropper.

5. What happens if you take an additional drop of Careprost Plus Eye Drops?

If you take additional drops of Careprost Plus Eye Drops, wipe them off slowly. Tell your doctor what to do if additional drops of the eye dropper have fallen into your eyes.

6. Is driving allowed after using Careprost Plus Eye Drops?

Driving right after taking a Careprost Plus Eye Drops can make your eyes blurred. Severe eye problems may arise if you drive after applying this eye drop.

7. Should contact lenses be taken off before using Careprost Plus Eye Drops?

If you are wearing contact lenses, it is necessary to take off the contact lenses before using this ophthalmic eye solution.