How Can A Woman Cause Premature Ejaculation?

🗸 Premature ejaculation is a sexual disorder that occurs in males as many of you may know. Having this sexual issue in males is a trouble and challenging situation for having sex for a long.

🗸 Often the slightest stimulation, masturbation, or penetrating sex the person suffering from premature ejaculation would end up ejaculating semen prematurely.

🗸 But do you know that a similar situation may also occur in females? Studies suggest that it is not only the males who suffer from premature ejaculation but even women could have a similar problem.

🗸 Although the climax in a woman is better termed as an orgasm, females can have premature ejaculation or prematurely reach orgasm. In this article, we shall be focusing on this sexual issue that is quite evident among females these days.

🗸 We will find out what are the causes of a female achieving premature ejaculation and how you can cure it. However, if you approach the doctors right away with the symptoms of premature ejaculation they may recommend you to use medicines such as Dapoforce 90.

What Is The Concern Of Premature Ejaculation In Women?

  • As we told you above, it is not just the males who can suffer from premature ejaculation but also the females.
  • In females, you can refer to the act of premature ejaculation as the reaching of an orgasm too fast. A premature orgasm would cause issues of sexual dissatisfaction in women.
  • When the females reach their climax like the males eject semen, the women also eject certain seminal fluids within the vagina. And this is when it is said to have reached an orgasm or a climax or ultimate satisfaction of sex.
  • But for some women, this act of ejaculation can occur too quickly sometimes within minutes of penetration. As you can understand after reaching an orgasm the female would generally want to avoid continuing further.

When Do Women Suffer From Premature Ejaculation?

Generally speaking, there is no specific age at which females would often have premature ejaculation. However, some studies and research have shown that it is generally common in older and aged women.

Most of the time the issue of premature ejaculation or premature orgasm in women occurs once they are above 40. This issue of premature ejaculation in women also seems to be highly common in women in their 50s or 60s.

One of the main reasons for premature ejaculation is having sex beyond their menopause. It is often seen that women after they have completed their menopause suffer from sexual issues such as lack of orgasm, low sexual drive, or even premature orgasm.

Some other studies go on to indicate that since the sexual stimulus is low after one or more childbirth the woman may generally have premature ejaculation problems.

But despite this, you may control your early ejaculation issues with the use of medicines such as Duratia 60. But you must find out if such medicines are safe for your health considering you are a woman.

Why Do Women Suffer From Premature Ejaculation?

Now let us find out some of the interesting facts about why women may have this sexual disorder of premature ejaculation or premature orgasm in them.

We have already discussed one of the factors which is age in the earlier section where we have informed you how studies indicate that elderly women, or those who have just reached menopause, or even younger women after their childbirth would have premature ejaculation issues in them. Let us now find out about the other causes here.

Not Having Intercourse Too Often

  • One of the reasons why a woman could be suffering from premature ejaculation is due to the lack of sexual activity.
  • Scientists have found that those females who lead an ascetic or lonely life or those who don’t have sex too often often have this sexual issue.
  • Scientists claim that the more sex women have the more likely they can control the emotional factors that end up causing ejaculation in them.
  • Since you have less sex, you somehow don’t seem to have gained enough control over your reaching of climax and this is why you tend to ejaculate early resulting in displeasure after having sex.

Already Suffering From Mental Anxiety And Depression

One of the most notable issues that doctors have found is that premature ejaculation in women could occur if they are suffering from psychological problems such as stress, anxiety, or depression.

Among the clinical human studies that have been done so far, it has been found that a woman who has such psychological health problems already may have as much as 40% more chance of suffering from premature ejaculation issues.

Since you are suffering from anxiety this would create a low sexual drive which could go on to cause a premature orgasm since you don’t have a proper sexual drive within yourself.

Lack Of Voluntary Control Of Ejaculation

As women age their sexual stimulus and control reduces. This is why aging is a big factor in why women tend to ejaculate or reach an orgasm far too early prematurely.

Because of your age, you may not be able to find yourself in total control of your orgasm or ejaculation and this is why you ejaculate prematurely ending sex even though your partner still wants to enjoy having sexual fun.

The Male Partner Would Want To Have Sex For Too Long

One of the reasons why you may be suffering from premature ejaculation being a female is just because you and your partner have different sexual aspirations.

While you are satisfied after a small lovemaking and sexual activity your partner isn’t satisfied just as yet. He would want to have more sex and control his ejaculation and want to delay it as further he can.

But your sexual stimulus is very high meaning that even a small sexual pleasure will end up causing an orgasm in you.

How Do You Get Over This Female Ejaculation Problem?

Generally, some ways may help you control your ejaculation and delay it. Check out some of the recommendations below:

➤ Masturbate Yourself More

Masturbate Yourself More

Masturbation is one of the techniques or even you can say as an exercise that helps increase your sexual drive and may prevent controlling your ejaculation.

➤ Have Sex Often

Have Sex Often

One of the things that you can do to control your ejaculation better is to have sex more often.

When you have more sex weekly, your sexual stimulus reduces and you will be able to enjoy having sex rather than having an orgasm far too early.

➤ Use Medicines If Necessary

Use Medicines If Necessary

Generally, some medicines may help in controlling premature ejaculation. The doctors may recommend the use of medicines such as Dapoforce 90.

But whether this medicine is good for females is a debatable question.

➤ Get Rid Of Stress

Get Rid Of Stress

Getting rid of your anxiety and depression could be one of the possible ways by which you can control your ejaculating abilities better.

Hence you must try to de-stress yourself by doing yoga, meditation, or interacting about your sexual feelings with your partner.

Final Words

So, as you can see in this article we have deeply explained what is the issue of premature ejaculation or early orgasm in females. We have also recommended some of the ways to cure it that you may check out in your sexual life.